Celebrating Mexican heritage

Although the holiday is not formally observed countrywide in Mexico, it is a full holiday in the states of Puebla and Veracruz.

But is not just a holiday. 

It combines a living history lesson, a food fest and a celebration of Mexico’s cultural heritage. The entire history of Mexico is on display.

And the festivities are not limited to just one day: in Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is a month-long festival. 

In the weeks before and after the main day -from 2 April through 10 May-, the city celebrates with mariachis, tacos and margaritas, all in addition to dance performances, theatre, classical music, pop concerts, funfairs and fireworks.

On 5 May, the Battle of Puebla is re-enacted at the site where it took place: a colourful parade of floats and participants dressed in bright traditional costumes files through the streets.

Tens of thousands of residents participate in the spectacular parade. The festival draws over a million visitors every year.  Because there is no better place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than in the city where history was written.

But Cinco de Mayo means fun and fiesta where ever you are, and here in London, bars across the capital take the opportunity to host events with drink deals on Mexican-inspired cocktails.  

If you are craving tacos, margaritas y mezcales, come to celebrate Mexico’s heritage with us.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Viva Mexico, chingones.


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