Mexico, the perfect beach getaway

While January in London is cool and wet, this month is one of the best months of the year to visit Mexico. 

It’s in the heart of the dry season. There is almost no rain during this time, and different regions have various temperatures, but overall, you can expect temperatures between 75-85 °F.

We know that Mexico is so much more than a sun and sand destination. The food, art, culture, and ruins are famous all around the world. 

Still, Mexico continues to be among the most visited countries in the world as a world-renowned beach getaway and for good reason.  The beaches in Mexico are among the best in the world and provide a little something for everyone. Mexico has a beach to match anything you desire.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate escape with white sand, idyllic views and crystalline water, an adrenaline-pumping surf spot, a golden-hued stretch with more sea turtles than people, a barefoot party destination, turquoise bays or secluded spots surrounded by jungles and ancient ruins.

Its extensive coastlines include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and there are nearly 500 beaches that span over the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California, and the Caribbean Sea.

You may have heard about, or have already visited, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen or Tulum but there are other least know places you should visit next time you visit Mexico:

La Paz, the bustling capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur at northwest of Cabo San Lucas.

Particularly known for its oceanfront promenade facing the calm Sea of Cortez, as well as its long stretch of soft white sand and warm shallow waters, making it the safest beach for kids in the area. If you choose La Paz, you must dive or snorkel in the colony of sea lions on Isla Espíritu Santo, or watch grey whales from January to March in Magdalena Bay. Or also go glamping under the stars on the seashore or up the mountains at Sierra La Laguna.

Huatulco, on the state of Oaxaca along the southern coastline of Mexico, faces the Pacific Ocean, with nine bays and 36 beaches.

It is the perfect escape for those seeking powdery golden sand, sunken shipwrecks, horseback rides, healthy reefs, and colourful sunrise or sunset scenery. For absolute relaxation between dazzling views, Huatulco touts Playa Arrocito and Playa La Entrega. And for a bit of adventure, on the other hand, head over to Cacaluta, which can only be reached by boat or hike.

Sayulita, a sleepy little beach village home to world-class beaches, giant waves, and memorable water activities, is 25 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta.

The mecca of local surfers is Playa Carricitos, while beginners sign up at the many surf schools around the village. Whale watching is also popular at Sayulita’s beaches.

Playa del Amor, where the calm Sea of Cortez meets the rough Pacific Ocean.

A white-sand beach surrounded by towering rock formations and endless ocean views. There’s also a fascinating underwater world beneath the waves. Playa del Amor prides itself with the largely underrated Hidden Beach, a cove with a huge hole above it, where the snow-white sand and turquoise blue waters of the Sea of Cortez continues inside this cove, and the hole is a result of serendipity, specifically military bomb testing.

This brief selection is a sneak peek . 

Mexico offers something for every type of traveller usually set in a scenic environment.

To warming up for your next holiday plan, we left you here “Cuando Calienta El Sol” by Luis Miguel video.

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