Mexico’s favorite breakfast dish

Two basic icons from the history of Mexican cuisine combine to form the basics of not only Mexico’s favourite breakfast dish but also Mexico’s ultimate hangover food: tortillas and corn.

Chilaquiles are basically corn tortilla pieces that are fried, cooked in salsa, and sprinkled with cheese. 

The two most popular salsas used to cover the tortillas are salsa roja -red- and salsa verde -green-, which make chilaquiles rojos and chilaquiles verdes, respectively.  And how spicy the chilaquiles are, depend on how spicy the cook makes the salsa.

It’s a completely versatile and customizable dish ready in just 5 minutes. Like pizza, you can combine almost any flavour as accompaniments such as sliced onions, shredded chicken, and fried or scrambled eggs.

Once served, the crunchy fried tortillas begin to soften and absorb the liquid of whatever sauce they are immersed in, and the prime time to eat chilaquiles is between textures: when they are no longer crunchy but have not yet turned completely soft.

Chilaquiles are created using ingredients that are widely available and cheap. Small pieces of meat, cheese, or eggs could be added to a plate of chilaquiles, providing proteins while only using a fraction of the expensive ingredients. 

The dish was created as a budget-conscious standby, repurposing leftover tortillas for breakfast in order to not waste food.

Here is a quick, deliciously simple recipe of chilaquiles you can prepare in just five minutes:


So, what are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

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