Save the date to National Michelada Day on July 12, 2021

National Michelada Day is always celebrated on the 12th of July each year.

Although we made extensive research, we cannot pinpoint how exactly the National Michelada Day started or even who founded this event. But even so, we guess that the most probable reason is simply that some people who love Michelada think it deserves a special day dedicated to it. 

Know as a hangover cure or by its similarity to Bloody Marys, this Mexican icon and a classic staple of Mexican cuisine,  red in colour, flavorful, and spicy, is a traditional Mexican beer cocktail and the evolutionary pinnacle of prepared beer -cerveza preparada in Spanish-.

It is made with beer, lime juice, assorted sauces -often chile-based-, spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers served in a glass with ice and a salted rim.

This is the most refreshing version, which goes down super easy on a hot summer day. But many variations exist, and there are as many recipes as there are bartenders and drinkers.

Its origin is not fully known, and the two main theories behind the name of the Mexican beer cocktail both make sense.

There is a story, placed in the 1970s when a man named Michel Esper Jorge shook up the scene. Esper Jorge was a civil engineer who one day showed up to a tennis match at the Club Deportivo Pototosino in San Luis Potosi, Mexico with a hangover. The bartender gave Esper Jorge a glass with ice, a beer and lime juice and the story begun.

But there is another cooler version of the story that begins in 1910, among the initial turmoil of the Mexican Revolution.

Legend has it that “El General” Don Augusto Michel would frequent a local cantina in San Luis Potosi with his war-weary soldiers. To lift their spirits after a long day of combat, Michel would order a beer with lime and add hot sauce. Supposedly, the unnamed owner of the cantina named the spicy concoction after Michel, combining “Michel” and chelada, or “cold one.”

Regardless of these versions, michelada also translates to “my cold beer” derived from the following Spanish words: “mi” -my-, “chela” -slang term for beer-, and “ada” -from helada, a term for cold-.

One way or the other, next 12th of July you have an official excuse to refresh yourself of summer vibes raising a michelada honouring its National Day.

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