Very brief dictionary of some Mexican words you need to know

However, Spanish is the widely spoken language in Mexico, its government had not officially proclaimed it as the country’s official language.

As there were 198 indigenous languages in the country and 130 of the 198 had already gone extinct, they promulgated the law of linguistic rights to protect indigenous languages in Mexico. 

But anyway, if you don’t speak Spanish either any of its 68 indigenous languages, here you have some slang to make you understand if you ever visit Mexico and how to pronounce them properly according to International Phonetic Alphabet -IPA-:

  1. To refer to brothers and good friends, similar to “bro” in American English: CARNAL / kaɾ.ˈnal/
  1. To refer to jobs, as noun and verb: CHAMBA / ˈʧã
  1. By or girl: CHAVO / ˈʧa.βo/  or CHAVA / ˈʧa.βa/
  1. Something is cool and awesome: CHIDO  / ˈʧi.ðo / or PADRE /ˈpa.ðɾe /
  1. Something ugly, bad, boring, not cool, especially to situations or people: GACHO / ˈɡa.ʧo/
  1. Dude, buddy, mate: GÜEY / ˈɡwei̯/
  1. To express laziness, being unwilling to do anything: HUEVA / ˈwe.βa/
  1. To refere to money: LANA / ˈ , VARO / ˈba.ɾo/
  1. Truth: NETA / ˈnɛ.ta/
  1. To express “really?” “no way!” or “damn!”  :  ¡NO MANCHES! /ˈno ˈmãn̠.ʧes/
  1. To express with admiration “Wow” or “awesome”:  ¡ÓRALE! / ˈo.ɾa.le/
  1. To say “What’s up?”: ¿QUÉ ONDA? / ˈke õn̪.da/


If you fancy Latinamerican movies, the Mexican film “Y tu mamá también” – directed by Alfonso Cuarón with 39 awards and 48 nominations  -, is a crash course on Mexican slang!

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