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We have the enormous pleasure to introduce you to the first and original coffee Mezcal, the  @ojodediosmezcal alter ego, ODD Café Mezcal -ODD as the abbreviation for ojo de Dios, in English, eye of God-.

This delicious and magnificent marriage of liquid perfection with an aromatic spirit is a harmonious blend of artisanal Ojo De Dios original mezcal with rich Mexican coffee from organic arabica coffee beans, grown and roasted by the Mejia Bautista family from San Luis Del Rio, 4600 feet above sea level at the top of the Oaxaca Mountains.

It can be enjoyed sipped over ice, as a shot or as the perfect cocktail ingredient for the mezcal and coffee lovers.

The palate offers notes of rich dark chocolate, smoked cinnamon, a hint of liquorice, butterscotch all entwined with fresh agave notes and smoky coffee. No sugar, no nasties as the brand claim in their publicity.

Mezcal, in all its forms, isn’t just a drink, is a mysterious Mexican spirit made from the agave plant and the result of traditional, centuries-old production methods. 

Mezcal tourism in Oaxaca is booming and families there have been producing mezcal for generations, with few adjustments to the process. 

Once mature, the agaves are harvested by hand, the spikes cut off to leave just the pineapple-shaped heart, which is then taken to the distillery to be turned into mezcal. 

During maturation, agave plants produce insulin, a chain of fructose molecules that cannot be directly converted to alcohol. Instead, the plants must first be roasted.  It begins with earthen pits that are lined with lava rocks. The rocks burn for 24 hours before the heart of the agave is added. The underground oven is filled with burning wood and covered with dirt, allowing the piña to smoke and cook for about three days. This method is what gives mezcal a signature smoky character which comes from cooking the agave in underground pits before fermentation using ambient yeasts and distillation. The cooked piñas are crushed and mashed by a stone wheel then fermented in large barrels. Once fermented, the resulting liquid gets distilled. 

Although some mezcal producers have adopted more modern methods and techniques, the production of mezcal in Oaxaca is proudly based on traditional methods because it’s the most effective way of retaining the character and ensuring mezcal’s signature smokiness.

For more information, you can visit their website at www.oddmezcal.com and its Instagram account @oddmezcal.

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